After the pastry course we took last week from my friend Julien, pastrycook, I tried to succeed by myself the "Macaroons to salted butter toffee". And I SUCCEEDED! And it's SOOO TASTY! If I could give you these little meringues filled with that great Britton toffee you would never believe it's me who cooked them!

Macaroons to salted butter toffee

- 4 white of eggs
- 25 gr of sugar
- 1 tea spoon of lemon
- 10 drop of coffee extract
- 225 gr of icing sugar
- 125 gr of almond powder
- cacao powder (for decoration)

In a large bowl, beat whites of eggs with sugar. Add lemon (to make them shiny) and coffee extract (for the colour). Set aside. Blend incing sugar and almond powder. Dust this mixture little by little on eggs and blend carefully. With pastry bag make 3 centimeters diameter macaroons on oven paper. Shake the hotplate to flatten the macaroons. Let them drying for at least 20 minutes. Put them in the oven at 150°C during 10 minutes (the oven has to be at 150°C when you put macaroons inside) Put them in the freezer (the thermic shock helps to separate macaroons from the oven paper). Spread the salted butter toffee on macaroons and paste two macaroons together.

Macaroons can be conservated in the freezer during 1 month, but they won't survive to this period!

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Mercotte said...

En fait tu peux conserver tes coques de macarons au congèle beaucoup plus longtemps sans la ganache , c'est très pratique !
pas besoin de choc thermique, ils se décollent parfaitement une fois refroidis si tu les as cuits correctement !je dis toujours que c'est la gestion du four la chose la plus importante ! Tu devrais lire l'article "desperate macaron's girl" volontairement exagéré mais qui facilite quand même la réussite!