Salted Cake

I finally bought the mini cakes silicon mould which everyone seems so keen on! I wanted to check all the advantages of those expensive things. And actually I sould admit that's an efficient device. So I cooked salted cakes I didn't eat for long time. I've got a really good cook book of salted and sweet cakes: "Quiches, cakes & compagnie" by Ilona edited by Marabout. This is the first cook book I bought five years ago and since it never failed to my expectations. I discover with this one that cake was only a question of basic. whatever the taste you wanna give to your cake the batter is identical.


- 180 gr flour
- 1 backing powder bag
- 3 eggs
- 100gr gratted cheese
- 10 cl olive oil
- 10 cl milk
- Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 180°C (th6). Mix flour with backing powder (Flour can be adapted to the fat of ingredients you wanna add). In a large bowl whip eggs, oil and milk. Add salt and pepper. Add this mixture to flour and melt gently. Add gratted cheese. Then add ingredients you want. For my part I add dryied tomatoes and basil (and bacon if I prefer to add some meat)

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